The MTPS series Radar is the result of the Invap Radar Modernization Process (PMRI) on the Westinghouse TPS-43 Air Defense 3D Tactical Radar. This system update has achieved the proposed objectives.
The basic PMRI includes updating all the electronic equipment contained in the operating shelter. The antenna, cabin structure and auxiliary equipment can also be restored at the customer’s request.

We can assist you with:
Configuration, control, diagnosis and operation of the radar are done through simple and intuitive graphical interfaces. This dramatically accelerates the staff learning curve, minimizing the time and costs of deploying and commissioning new units.

Flexible interfaces and standard Asterix data output provide seamless integration to multi-sensor command and control systems.


• AN/TPS -43, AN/TPS -63
• AN/TPS -70, AN/TPS -75
• AN/TPS -137, AN/GRC -103
• APQ-122, AJQ-124, AN/APG-65
• AN/APG -68, AN/APQ=109
• AN/APQ -153
• AN/APQ -157, AN/APQ-159
• AN/AAQ -9, APN/169, ASD-5

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Military parts, Aircraft engines and Airframe, Helicopters, Shipboard parts, Radar Replacement Parts, APC, Truck and Tank Sonar, Motors, Computers, Hardware, Avionics, Instruments, Mechanical and Electrical Parts.
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