Radar Types

Radar Types

Radar Types

Since 1987, S.O.I. has been the leading supplier of aviation spare parts and components for commercial and military aircrafts worldwide. By setting a superior standard in personalized service, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest cost and on-time delivery. Our applications include: military parts, aircraft engines and airframe, helicopters, shipboard parts, radar replacement parts, APC, truck and tank sonar, motors, computers, hardware, avionics, instruments, mechanical and electrical parts. We specialize in obsolete systems and hard to locate parts, foreign manufacturers and products from cage codes that are nonexistent, milstd’s, AN’s, technical orders and all miscellaneous items.

❑  AN/TPS -43, AN/TPS -63

❑  AN/TPS -70, AN/TPS -75,

❑  AN/TPS -137, AN/GRC -103

❑  APQ-122, AJQ-124, AN/APG-65

❑  AN/APG -68, AN/APQ=109

❑  AN/APQ -153

❑  AN/APQ -157, AN/APQ-159

❑  AN/AAQ -9, APN/169, ASD-5

One Stop Shop Solutions

To be a premier organization that offers ONE STOP SHOP SOLUTIONS, by providing high quality parts, with most integrity and reliability to the meet the needs of customer satisfaction

❑   To provide quality and reliable services to our customers at all times,

❑  To remain committed to escellence,

❑  To be a company with an “eye on future

Our Applications Include

Militaryparts, Aircraft engines and Air Frame, Helicopters, Ship Boardparts, Radar Replacement Parts, APC, Truck and Tank Sonar, Motors, Computers, Hardware, Avionics, Instruments, Mechanical and Electrical Parts.