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About Us

At S.O.I. Aviation, we know how crucial it is to understand and communicate effectively in order to earn our customers’ loyalty and build our reputation. Our goal is to achieve this without compromise. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of aviation spare parts and components for commercial and military aircrafts worldwide. To maintain our leadership S.O.I. Aviation only work with the industry’s leading manufactures who understand the breadth of customers who rely on the integrity of the products.

Quality Assurance

S.O.I. Aviation’s commitment and policy to our customers is to always provide high performance and reliable parts that meet their expectations. This is achieved through partnering with world class OEMs and manufactures who represent the highest grade product possible.  S.O.I. Aviation is also committed to ensuring customers get what they want throughout their order until it leaves our door. We achieve this through setting high expectations internally, as well as continually improving the quality management system.

Our objectives have been established at relevant functions within the organization, where it matters. We have established objectives we feel are achievable and reasonable with our customers and interested parties in mind.

S.O.I. Aviation’s customer’s regulatory authorities and other interested parties are provided access to our policy and quality documentation upon request.

Our Mission

Our goal is to achieve our customer’s loyality without compromise,  and our mission is to provide quality and reliable services to our customers at all times and remain committed to excellence and be a company with an eye on future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a premier organization that offers one stop shop solutions, by providing high quality parts, with utmost integrity and reliability to the meet the needs of customer satisfaction.

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