AN/APQ -153

AN/APQ-100 is operating in I-Band search, weapon control and mapping radar. It is an improved AN/APQ-72 radar and was used in F-4C Phantom and RF-101.

The spectrum of electromagnetic waves has frequencies up to 1024 Hz. This very large range is subdivided into different subranges due to different physical properties. The subdivision of the frequencies into the different ranges was previously measured according to criteria that were historically developed and are now obsolete, and so a new classification of the frequency bands was created. This new classification could not yet fully established internationally. The traditional frequency band designation is often still used in the literature. In NATO the new subdivision is used.

Since an assignment into the new frequency bands is not always possible without the exact frequency being known, I made use of the traditional band names without comment where they were mentioned in the manufacturer’s publications. But be careful! In Germany, for example, companies still use old band names. Radar sets of a so-called “C-band family” operate with certainty in the new G-band, but radar sets with the letter “L” in the designator no longer operate in the L-band but in the D-band.

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