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S.O.I Aviation supplies a variety of RF Communications products including major components, accessories as well as complete radio sets, spare modules and subassemblies etc.
Some items designed by Harris RF Communications have also been made by Stewart Warner Electronics and Target Corporation under military contract they are for the most part form fit and functionally interchangeable.

The AN/PRC-104 is a very compact rugged radio set that uses the RT-1209/URC Receiver transmitter and the AM-6874/PRC-104 RF Amplifier-Antenna Coupler. These are widely used by the U.S. Military.

We have a very limited quantity of these available including accessories all in reconditioned like new condition.

The AN/GRC-213 is the vehicular version of the AN/PRC-104 Radio Set which is mounted on the AM-7152/GRC-213 Audio Amplifier-Power conditioner that operates from 24VDC.
We we do not have any more complete sets however we have a limited amounts of the following: RT-1209/URC Transceivers AM-7152/GRC-213 Amplifiers, and some of the special interconnect cables. Contact us for more details.


  • AN/TPS -43, AN/TPS -63
  • ARC & ITT
  • ARC159, ARC 182
  • ARC 164
  • Mi-35

Our Applications Include

Military parts, Aircraft engines and Airframe, Helicopters, Shipboard parts, Radar Replacement Parts, APC, Truck and Tank Sonar, Motors, Computers, Hardware, Avionics, Instruments, Mechanical and Electrical Parts.

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