Spares for Aircraft

S.O.I Aviation as a global provider of quality aircraft spares is a leader in worldwide distribution. Our vast experience has led to quality approvals and strong business partnerships with over 150 airlines worldwide, nearly every major and regional air carrier as well as FBO’s, and distributor’s worldwide.

Our applications include:
Military parts, aircraft engines and airframe, helicopters, shipboard parts, radar replacement parts, APC, truck and tank sonar, motors, computers, hardware, avionics, instruments, mechanical and electrical parts. We specialize in obsolete systems and hard to locate parts, foreign manufacturers and products from cage codes that are nonexistent, milstd’s, AN’s, technical orders and all miscellaneous items.
Range of spare parts services for all of our on-the-shelf inventory, including:
• Avionics, Instruments & Navigation Equipment
• Rotable Components
• QEC and Engine Accessories
• Actuation Systems
• Hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Landing Gear, Wheels & Brake Systems
• Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
• Flight Control Surfaces
• Line replacement Units (LRU)

Strong relationships are the key to sourcing parts in the aviation industry. Networking with a truly international stable of industry partners (including suppliers, manufacturers, airlines and our own extensive customer base), we regularly source parts, many of which are not listed on ILS and other search engines.

Our Applications Include

Military parts, Aircraft engines and Airframe, Helicopters, Shipboard parts, Radar Replacement Parts, APC, Truck and Tank Sonar, Motors, Computers, Hardware, Avionics, Instruments, Mechanical and Electrical Parts.
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