AN/TPS -43, AN/TPS -63

The TPS is a lightweight portable search radar using a cut-down parabolic antenna of the “orange peel” design with an off-axis feed and transmitting in the L-band between 1220 and 1280 megahertz (MHz). The initial versions were designed to break down into ten packages and then be assembled on-site, but a number of adaptations to large trucks and even school bus frames were made over the years. A crew of two could operate the radar. The 1B model could detect bombers at 10,000 feet at a distance of 120 nautical miles. Versions B through G differed primarily in the antenna pattern, providing better vertical range, but were electrically identical.

TPS-1s were used to defend many beach-heads in the Pacific during the war and were among the first portable radar units to go into operation following the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. These units saw considerable postwar service. It was used in the temporary Lashup Radar Network beginning in 1948. The AN/TPS-1D was the main component of the AN/GSS-1 Electronic Search Central system used with Nike missile systems

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