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    Since 1987, S.O.I. has been the leading supplier of aviation spare parts and components for commercial and military aircrafts worldwide. By setting a superior standard in personalized service, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest cost and on-time delivery.

    Our applications include: military parts, aircraft engines and airframe, helicopters, shipboard parts, radar replacement parts, APC, truck and tank sonar, motors, computers, hardware, avionics, instruments, mechanical and electrical parts.

    We specialize in obsolete systems and hard to locate parts, foreign manufacturers and products from cage codes that are nonexistent, milstd's, AN's, technical orders and all miscellaneous items.

    We also handle contract manufacturing and reengineering.

    Aviation news and events

    7/13/2011 The first ever in-depth study of the current and future needs of Australia's aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul sector is under way. The $500,000, three year study, "The Future of Aircraft Maintenance in Australia: Aviation Safety, Workforce Capability and Industry Development", is being done by the University of NSW's Industrial Relations Research Centre. Full Story...
    7/13/2011 Any company that uses capital equipment is faced with the inevitability that one day the equipment will have to be replaced. Capital investment is a fact of business life whether the company is making cars, selling pink flamingoes or, indeed, flying passengers around the world. The trick with capital investment is to buy the right equipment to match the company's market strategy, and for Australasia's airlines that means planning an aircraft fleet that will make them a serious player in one of the region's most competitive industries. Full Story...
    7/13/2011 PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered the total amount of atmosphere on Mars changes dramatically as the tilt of the planet's axis varies. This process can affect the stability of liquid water, if it exists on the Martian surface, and increase the frequency and severity of Martian dust storms. Researchers using the orbiter's ground-penetrating radar identified a large, buried deposit of frozen carbon dioxide, or dry ice, at the Red Planet's south pole. The scientists suspect that much of this carbon dioxide enters the planet's atmosphere and swells the atmosphere's mass when Mars' tilt increases. The findings are published in this week's issue of the journal Science. Full Story...

    C-130 AMP

    C-130 AMP Specialize in structures landing gears, avionics and communications

    Equipment & Parts

    Equipment & Parts We can have all components repaired with FAA certification and military

    P-3 Military Aircraft

    P-3 Military Aircraft Can support structures landing gears, avionics, Communication radars, special obsolete and custom spares